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Lifestyle blogger, creator, artist, photographer, and lover of all things awesome. I’m in my happy place when I’m creating, whether it’s DIY projects or  painting. Sometimes even conjuring up delicious mouth watering chili gummies for the candy store which my sister recently launched -The Sugar Buds


I don’t believe in filters or rules, do whatever makes YOU happy!

xx Shar


Sharese Sevhanna Mirzakhanyan, an LA native known as Reese from her blog, Reeseology. She graduated from UCSB in 2011 and travelled back to LA. Reese created her blog, Reeseology, as a creative outlet during a rough time in her life and it soon took off, making her dreams come true!


A content creator and artist based in Los Angeles. A big believer in the saying, “forget the rules, if you like it, wear it!” Through her blog, she strives to inspire and motivate everyone to appreciate their uniqueness and be true to who they are.


Growing up in a family of talented artists, creativity runs through her blood and you see it in her art, design, and personal sense of style! A lifestyle blog with a one stop shop motto to treat all those who visit; fashion, beauty, home décor, recipes, and much more.

Finally willing to share her art with the world. 

This fun and quirky human has one goal: “…if I can inspire at least one person a day, then my mission is accomplished!” Follow her for a fun journey!

Instagram ➸ @reeseology_

Pinterest ➸ Reeseology

YouTube ➸ Sharese Sevhanna

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