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All things Pampas Grass

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Let’s face it, pampas grass equals awesomeness! Everyone seems to be going crazy about it now. Put it in your home, office, bathroom, floral arrangements for events and so much more. Are you decorating your home? Want to add some finishing touches? Or maybe you just want something to spice up your place a tad. Vases full of pampas grass make the perfect finishing touches for any interior project if you ask me. Simple, but oh so beautiful! Some grow as long as 10ft…wow!

All you need is to find a vase and start stuffing! What kind you ask? Whatever your heart desires! That’s the best part, it looks amazing in anything you put it in. You can find vases everywhere.

Some suggestions would be Amazon, Pier1 Imports, Home Goods, TJMaxx, Birch Lane, IKEA, Wayfair, Walmart and countless others. I’m going to link some vases for you here!

As someone who works in the event and flower industry, I’m going to let you know that many designers use pampas for fillers and centerpieces; big or small! These can be used in a variety of events from parties to weddings. The possibilities are endless! Alright I’ll stop typing and give you some visuals 

If you need additional inspo, you can check out my Instagram’s highlight section listed as “pampas grass”

Happy Creating

xx Reese


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