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Things to do when you're bored at home

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

First it was quarantine, then came the curfews...seems like we may have a lot of time on our hands. I'm personally a homebody and it and can get pretty easy to push back my tasks of day so I try to stay productive throughout the day- keyword, try. Whatever the reason is that you're stuck at home, bored, I gotcha. When I'm bored, I like to spend my time on projects, tackle things I've been putting off, indulge in self-care, or one up myself and have a super productive day. I for one have a hard time lounging around all day...don't get me wrong, I like to relax, but not all day, everyday.

+ Wash your makeup brushes

+ Read a book

+ Make a vision board

+ Clear your email(s); unsubscribe from junk emails

+ Organize your drawers

+ Re-organize your closet

+ Sudoku - stimulate your mind

+ Organize files on your computer/laptop

+ Clear your desk

+ Shred documents/mail you no longer need

+ Clear out your photos + screenshots

+ DEEP clean your house

+ Do a mask

+ Do a hair mask

+Tie-Dye clothes, socks

+ Throw away old beauty products

+ Re-organize your fridge + pantry

+ Catch up on your favorite shows

+ Laundry

+ Complete a puzzle

+ Paint

Have fun humans!


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