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Fresh Nails

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

There isn't anything better than freshly manicured nails. I personally have a standing appointment with my nail techs; I'll be itching to run into the salon days before my two week apt.

Yes, I am that human. I'm the least high maintenance human, but when it comes to my nails....that's a whole different story. I am very picky in regards to which salon I go to and which nail techs work on my nails. The hunt took a minute, but I found my ride or die :)

I like to keep my nails clean and presentable...I guess for me, it's more of a hygienic thing. No cuticles please!

Between our appointments, we work, wash our hands, etc which may lead to dryness. And that dryness leads to ugly cuticles. Well fear no longer, because I found you a magic tool!

I have been using Sally Hansen's Cuticle Rehab to keep my nails looking fresh. You can use it daily, multiple times a day, every other get the point. The name speaks for itself! It seriously is rehab for your cuticles. It works instantly! Your dry cuticles transform right before your eyes. Brush onto your cuticles and watch it restore your dry ragged cuticles. It's almost like you just walked out of the nail salon....I said almost.

It's so satisfying, give it a shot and thank me later ;)

I have been using this for almost 4 months and find myself constantly restocking. Sally Hansen's Cuticle Rehab will always have a spot in my home....and my bag.

The magic worker- Sally Hansen Cuticle Rehab

+ Instantly smooths and softens nails

+ Helps restore dry, ragged cuticles

+ Healthier cuticles

+ It has Vitamin E, Jasmine and Rose extracts

Years ago Kim Kardashian mentioned she walks around with a cuticle pen in her purse. I searched for the specific one she used, however it was completely sold out. I believe it was discontinued. BUT that search stumbled me upon the Sally Hansen Cuticle Rescue; works just as great and highly recommend it!

xx Shar

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