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All the Bling

When it comes to jewelry, the more the merrier! But here's the thing, you don't need to leave a hole in your wallet to find beautiful gold jewelry. There are many online boutiques stocked with gorgeous pieces that I will share with you today.

If I could, I'd be layered in these pieces all day, everyday. However due to my sensitive skin, I cannot rock these as often as I'd like. Why you ask? If I happen to put on any piece of jewelry (necklace, earring, etc) that is not pure gold, my skin reacts negatively to these metals/materials. It's not fun, it's not pretty.

In other words, non-gold metals are a no-no for me. Even Doctors have told me to stay clear because of how my skin reacts, but I won't lie; I do cheat. Like a lot.

There are so many beautiful pieces, it's hard not to cave. Even pieces that are gold-plated still give me a negative reaction -_- I know there are humans who have this same issue and understand the struggle. If you don't have this issue, consider yourself lucky and enjoy the awesomeness.

Alright enough rambling, happy shopping lovers! xx

+ Lili Claspe @lili_claspe

I love her pieces! I'm so close to ordering everything on her website.

(TOP PHOTOS VIA @LILI_CLASPE IG) That's the owner herself in the image on the right. She's beautiful inside and out. I promise you too will fall in love with her collection. Check out her instagram for more awesomeness.

I ordered the Reggie and LOVE it! It pairs well with my other pieces. It's simple and yet makes a statement. Highly recommend. There are multiple lengths to choose from.

+ IceLink

So many goodies, it's hard to look away. You'll find beautiful pieces from necklaces and bracelets to watches and rings; large collection to shop through. They even have pieces for men. I personally own many pieces from IceLink and I am definitely a happy camper. One of my favorites!

+ The Giving Keys @thegivingkeys

+ The M Jewelers @themjewelers

+ Lauve Jewelry @lauvejewelry

+ Stone and Strand @stoneandstrand

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