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DENIM love

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Too much denim? No such thing. Am I right?!

I personally love boyfriend jeans! I practically live in mine during summer; just pair it with a crop top and boom!

Sometimes it can be a bit difficult to find a pair that's loose in the right areas, but also hugs you in the right areas...anyone else agree? Don't give up, keep hunting's worth it.

Ohhh and denim jackets! Fitted, cropped, or oversized; the options are endless. My closet is full of denim jackets that I cannot part ways with. I personally like options so I'm sure to have a variety of styles available to pair with my outfits.

I recently organized my closet and surprisingly cleaned out a few items. Let me tell you, it wasn't so easy 🙈 During this closet clean-out I was able to gather up all my favorite denim pieces for you (plus some more that are in my shopping cart) .

Enjoy and happy shopping lovers

xx Reese

The perfect addition to your closet. Pair it with your favorite tee or a crop top, you can't go wrong :)

(photo via google)

One of my favorites! The Levis wedgie fit, boyfriend jeans. (I am currently searching for the link for this exact pair) I purchased this from #urbanoutfitters a few years ago.

I cannot express how much I LOVE this one here from GRLFRND denim! It flattering, its comfortable, and plain out awesome. If you're looking for a new pair of boyfriend jeans, then I highly recommend this pair here. You can style it as you please- with heels, booties, sandals, oversized band tees, crop tops, etc. The possibilities are endless!


This pair is in my shopping bag and will soon have a new home in my closet. I love the distressed style. An awesome pair of jeans for a night out or a casual day with friends.


(photo via revolve)


Find this awesome denim jacket at H&M

LEVIS @pacsun

This one was the closest I could find that resembled my light wash denim jacket,

(Photo Via PacSun)


I don't personally own this...YET, but came across it and I'm lovin' it! Going straight into my shopping cart :)

(Photo via H&M)

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